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My Values

Integrity, community service, and personal responsibility.

Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principals. Community service means you love people enough to stand up for and support them. Personal responsibility means you can have the opportunity to build relationships that are based on trust.

Pam Davidson

Meet Pam Davidson

I’ve lived in Alberta my whole life. This is where I’ve raised my family, where I’ve served my community, and where my husband, Gary, and I operate a small business on our farm in Central Alberta.

I believe we need Senators who will stand up for Alberta, advocate for the most vulnerable, and never compromise on our conservative values.

I’m a staunch advocate for freedom of speech, religious liberty, property rights, and responsible spending.

I'm running for Senate because I believe we need bold Conservative representation in Ottawa that is democratically accountable to Albertans.

Over the last six years, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government has made life more difficult for Albertans by targeting Alberta energy, cancelling pipelines, and instituting burdensome new regulations. Against this, we need to defend Alberta. This is why I’m running to be a Conservative candidate for the Senate election in Alberta.

Defending Alberta

Upholding the Constitution

We need more representatives who are willing to uphold our Constitution. In Canada, we are governed by the rule of law, which finds its basis in the Constitution. When Parliament passes bills that severely restrict fundamental freedoms or when a government agency creates regulations that unfairly affect Alberta, they are working against the principles found in the Constitution. For this reason, I will vote against unconstitutional bills such as Bill C-10 which seek to restrict fundamental freedoms. I’m a staunch advocate for freedom of speech and religious liberty and will not compromise on these critical freedoms.

Property Rights

I believe that property rights are a central element of what has made Canada the greatest nation on earth. Because of this, I support the introduction of a constitutional amendment to protect the property rights of all Canadians.

Ensuring A Fair Confederation

I know what it means to work tirelessly every day to build a business and raise a family. I will take that quintessential Alberta experience to the Senate to fight for a Canada that treats its provinces equally and respects the dignified livelihoods of everyone in our communities—even those livelihoods that many in the Liberal government have chosen to resent. I will work for a fair confederation, for the repeal of anti-Alberta bills such as C-69 and C-88, and will work in the Senate to ratify the results of Alberta’s equalization referendum. 

Promoting Free Enterprise

Operating a small business, I know the difficulty of  making ends meet while having to deal with overbearing government policy. In the Senate, I will be an advocate for lower taxes, for the reduction of wasteful spending, and for an end to the practice of creating debt for our children and grandchildren. In addition, I will work to ensure that our borders are open for trade with our most important allies—including the United States—and not kept closed for political reasons. 

Protecting our Resource Sector

Our energy sector is the backbone of Alberta’s economy. When the Government in Ottawa plays politics with our oil and gas producers, they are harming the everyday Albertan families that are working hard to make a living and serve their communities. I will oppose any proposed carbon tax, vote against all bills that unfairly attack our oil and gas sector, and be a constant advocate for pipelines to get Alberta energy to market.

Rural Communities

I will work to represent rural communities by advocating for the introduction of broadband internet access to rural areas and by travelling to small towns and counties across the province to make sure that communities outside of our major centres are also represented.

Standing for our Freedoms of Speech and Religion

I will not only defend the freedom of thought or belief, but will also fight to ensure that Canadians are able to practice their beliefs freely and without the threat of government overreach. Religious freedom is central to the Canadian story and, if elected to the Senate, it will be a central priority to ensure that Ottawa is not able to infringe on this freedom that no government has the authority to abridge. Along with freedom of religion, freedom of speech is central to a truly free Canada. If elected to the Senate, I will use every means at my disposal to oppose any bill that threatens free speech—including the unconstitutional Bill C-10.

More About Pam

I live with my husband and four children on a farm in the Red Deer area. I’m a wife, mother, small business owner, and volunteer.

I’m a staunch advocate for property rights, freedom of speech and responsible spending. I also firmly believe in the Conservative values of hard work, individual responsibility, and the centrality of the family.

In addition to this, I hold my Restricted-PAL and know that law-abiding firearms owners are good for our communities. Living on a farm, I also understand that the thousands of Canadian workers in our agriculture and resource sectors are the backbone of our economy.

As a volunteer, I’ve been involved in local, provincial and federal politics, which has allowed me to serve alongside people from my own community and across the province. I’ve been a main organizer for the annual Central Alberta Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and organized Alberta’s Provincial Prayer Breakfast in 2019.

Organizing community events, running a small business, and raising a family are all responsibilities that are common to everyday life in Alberta. However, much of what it means to be Albertan is under threat by the federal government in Ottawa. Because of this, we need strong Conservative representation in the Senate to turn things around and to protect what we value the most in our province.

Vote Pam Davidson for senate.

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