About Pam

I know what it means to work tirelessly every day to build a business and raise a family. I will take that quintessential Alberta experience to the Senate to fight for a Canada that treats its provinces equally and respects the dignified livelihoods of everyone in our communities—even those livelihoods that many in the Liberal government have chosen to resent.

Our energy sector is the backbone of Alberta’s economy. When the Government in Ottawa plays politics with our oil and gas producers, they are harming the everyday Albertan families that are working hard to make a living and serve their communities.

Having lived and worked on the farm for many years, I am also committed to representing the thousands of Albertan farmers who are the backbone of the Canadian agriculture sector.

I’ve spent my entire life serving my community in various volunteer capacities and serving my fellow Albertans and Canadians as an elected Senator would be an honour that I would not take lightly. Because of this, I am eager to learn all I can to be able to represent Alberta with integrity, honour, and accountability in the Senate of Canada.

Pam Davidson

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